Adopt a Virtual Pet

Adopt a virtual pet of your own. Play online until you are ready to choose your favorite cybercritter virtual pet. You can collect 'em all because they are free.

free downloadable virtual pet

Free Virtual Pet Online is a Free Virtual Pet Site. You can play on line any time with the original cybercritters created in 1998.

Virtual Pet Online

Go online for: Virtual pet adoption, create a virtual pet, download virtual pet so it will be a virtual computer pet! You can play with your virtual pet whether or not you are online.

Virtual Pet

Q: What is a virtual pet?
A: A virtual pet in its highest form would be an artifical intelligence living not in particular bits or bytes, but living because it requires some of the same sorts of things we do in order to operate. In its simplest form it is a picture like on Neopets®, to which someone attaches an imaginative story. The Adopted Neopets become as alive in the imagination as a live pet would be. Thus the name: Virtual Pets, they are also called cyber pets and in our case the virtual pets are called cyber critters.

Q. Why are some called virtual pets and others are called computer pets?
A. You may also hear about "desktop pets" or "desktop virtual pets." These are virtual pets you can download to your personal computer. You can play with these pets like you would a video game you don't have to be online. There are online virtual pets as well. Online virtual pets are available only when you are online.

Q. What happens when I go online? Does my free virtual desktop pet automatically go online for updates?
A. Your cyber pet is very well mannered and won't do anything without asking your permission. In fact, in future versions, one of your duties can be to go on line occasionally to play with your virtual pet along with others in the critterCorrals.


Virtual Pet Links

Online virtual pet site

Free virtual pet web site

Anyone can adopt a cybercritter virtual pet.

Virtual Pet Q.B.Now There are two: Release 1 and Release 2 Desktop Virtual Pets.

You can download your own desktop virtual pet, adopt as many cybercritter virtual pets as you desire and write stories about the adventures of your own cybercritter virtual pets.


Adopt A Virtual Pet Online

Release 2 desktop virtual pet is Now Available for Free Downloads!

Windows Desktop - CyberPet Release 2.

Step 1. Dowload your companion to your desktop.

Step 2. Adopt your critter if you would like:Release 2 internally stores your virtual pet's information. No external file is created (as with Rel 1.)


Free downloadable virtual pet

Release 1 desktop virtual pet is Still Available for Free Downloads!

WINDOWS Desktop - CyberPet Release 1.

This is our cybercritters commemorative downloadable computer pet.

Step 1. Dowload your companion to your desktop.

Step 2. Adopt your critter if you would like: A small file critters.txt will appear on your desktop to store your virtual pet's information

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